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Why get Birth Photography?

Is this a trick question? …. WHY NOT?!!

This is actually a hard blog to post because for me it’s just so important, it’s such an emotional calling and I am so passionate about documenting birth. It’s such a sure thing for me I’m not sure I can even get the words.

A birth for the whole family is a truly lifechanging moment! That’s about it. This space of time will change lives forever why wouldn’t you want to document EVERY MOMENT of it.

I am a mum of two little girls, well they aren’t so little any more. I learnt very quickly after my first that the body is designed to forget a lot of your labour and delivery.
But it’s such a story to tell. A story that your kids will ask you to tell over and over again.

With a birth photographer you can show them that story.

But I can always get my husband/mum/sister/midwife/doula to photograph it can’t I?

It’s a story that I can tell seeing the WHOLE picture. I don’t only capture the picture you see or your husbands experience, I capture it all. Most importantly the moments you miss while you’re working hard to bring your baby into this world.

Yes husband/mum/ midwife/sister/doula can capture your birth, but they have other jobs to do. Really important jobs to do.
A professional photographer is just that professional their emotions won’t take them elsewhere. I won’t stop shooting because your experiencing a painful contraction or to cooh over your beautiful new bub.
A professional photographer has attended a number of births, they can pre-empt (to a degree) what may happen next. They can be ready for it.
A professionally photographer has the right equipment to produce high quality photos, babies are usually born in the dark they like it that way. Your average iPhone or digital camera can’t shoot in those conditions.

It’s just not a flattering time why would I want photos of me like that and all the blood and stuff?

I say birth is just beautiful. I truly crave being in the room for a birth. There is sooo much beauty around. Yes, you’ll probably pull a few funny faces, have a bit (or maybe a lot) of sweat on your brow. You might be partially naked or just a bit ruffled. But you will be so strong, and so brave and that is what I love to capture.

I love capturing how your husband supports you through each contraction, how your mum offers you water, how big brother keeps popping his head around the corner to check that you’re going okay. I love to capture the concentration on your face, the inner strength you conjure up time and time again and the relief and love that just radiates when you meet your sweet sweet child.

Do you worry about the “ugly” I will show you how beautiful it is!

Birth photography is my passion and I only want to do more. To have a chat about documenting your birth story contact me for customised packages that will suite your needs.

Birth Photography is available in the Sutherland Shire and greater Sydney area.


Newborn photo sessions. Oh, they are some of my favourite.

When you book your newborn photography you have a choice of a few different styles of photographers so why choose lifestyle newborn photography?

Well there are a few reasons:

• Its mostly baby led – if bub is having a bad day that’s okay we can work most photographs where bub is comfortable in your arms.
• You’re in your own home (if you choose to be)– this is what baby knows, the sounds, the smells the feels.
• We can work with baby and toddlers’ routines, so no rushing because another client is coming.

Why choose me for your Newborn Photography when there are so may Photographers in the Sutherland shire offering Newborn shoots?

• Well firstly everyone has different tastes when it comes to photography of Newborns, as I said there are many different styles.
• I love a natural looking photo, no poses that make bub look uncomfortable or unnatural.
• I love sweet family moments where you are all in the picture. Those newborn days are so much about support and love, it’s part of the reality of having a new baby. I want you to not only remember your sweet little bub at such a fleeting age but also that special little bubble you create at that time in your life.
• I won’t charge extra for siblings, I am there to photography YOUR FAMILY as they are. No one is extra.
• I’ll work with you and what you love and dream of in pictures. If there is a special blanket, fur baby, stuffed toy you want to include we can make that happen for you no worries at all.

To book your Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session contact me today!
Newborn Photography Sessions are available for Sutherland Shire and the greater Sydney Area.

Family Lifestyle Photography - Sutherland Shire

You call yourself a lifestyle family photographer …. What is that?

I think that each photographer has their own definition of lifestyle photography but they all sit in a similar area. Lifestyle is a mix between documentary style photography and portrait photography where the photographer works to capture you as authentically as possible but also create great pictures.

When I think of the memories I want to collect and preserve I think of the natural organic moments that often happen in every day life. Moments like, morning cuddles before the day starts, when a family or friend comes to visit, and the kids are just so excited to see them, when they are wrestling daddy and he gets that perfect tickle spot, or when were all reading a story book before bed. Unfortunately, we can’t all have a photographer with us 24 hours a day capturing those precious moments. Though wouldn’t that be nice.

I’m not going to say I want to replicate those moments, but my aim is to replicate those emotions, so I can capture stunning, breath taking, amazing, organic photos of you and your family. Photos that make you remember just how you felt in that moment forever.

How you may ask:

I get you to play games with your kids, make them giggle and laugh.
Create cuddly moments to show softer times.
Do things that they love, read a book, play catch, throw sand around on the beach.
Photograph you in your own home or a place that is near and dear to your family.
Respect little one’s emotions when they have a shy or sad moment while working with you to turn that around to make it all fun.

Sometimes I will step in and pop you in the perfect position or make sure someone is facing the right direction but usually these are few and far between.

To book your Lifestyle Family Photography Session or Lifestyle Newborn Session contact me today.
Servicing the Sutherland Shire and the greater Sydney area.


This is sweet little baby Daisy, isn't she just so precious. Her big brother Hudson was one of my very first newborn session just a couple of years ago, so I was very honoured to be asked to come and photograph this family again as they changed and grew. In home sessions are a great way to capture those newborn moments especially when there is a toddler in the mix too. I keep it simple with plenty of time to spare for a feed, nappy change or a few tears from either child. There is never any pressure to preform as I like to capture your family as authentically as possible. We played a few game to keep big brother entertained and when he had had enough we focused on little sister.

This family is always such a joy to photograph, they are always happy and easy going it really feels like I'm just catching up with old friends. I can't wait to capture them again soon as the two little ones grow into their personalities and relish in the joy of being siblings.

Echo Life Photography - Birth Story

Early in the evening on March 8, I received a call to let me know that mama had gone into labour. Only a few hours later they informed me they were headed to the hospital. It was time for them to meet their second child, their first little girl. I walked into the room to find mom quietly breathing through her contractions, dad patiently talking her through and little brother sat watching a movie on his iPad, settled in for a long night.

The birth of baby Fern, this is her birth story:


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