One of the most common questions I get from booking clients is "Where do you recommend I have my shoot?"

This is a fair question. The location of your shoot makes a big difference to the look of your photos. Although parts can be manipulated generally if you want light and airy photos you go to a light and airy place or if you want moody photos you head for places with warm darker tones like the cliffs or in the shrub. But with all that being said the most important thing is that you choose a location that suites your family. I'll often ask clients what their family enjoys doing, is it sitting at home hanging in the lounge? Are they massive beach bums that would spend their days ocean side? Do they love exploring the bush or climbing up rock faces? What most makes them happy and where do they go to find that happiness.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise being a photographer in the Sutherland Shire that most my clients enjoy a spot with a bit of sand and ocean. Of course there is plenty of that.

We are also very lucky to live right next to the national park for the avid bush walkers and alongside some stunning waterways for the family that arnt quite up for sand and sea. Here is a small list of the most popular locations for my shoots, although I'm more than hoary to try someplace new these may help point you in the right direction.

Wanda Beach Dunes

This spot is so much fun for families with preschool-school age kids, although a little bit of a distance in there are stunning pathways and big open spaces to play in the sand and have running races. With both sand, greenery and access to gorgeous beaches this is kind of the tri-fector of locations. In clear or lightly cloudy days you are sure to get stunning sunsets and the foliage offers the best protection on those windy evening.

Darook Park and Beach

Next up is a usually quiet little beach in the bay. Darook offers a unique space to photograph against the sun setting on the headland. Darook Park offers grassy, leafy areas that are easy to relax on, an abundance of stunning rocky outcrops for those that love exploring as well as the calm water of the bay if your up for a bit of a splash around. This is a great place for little ones, small enough to let them run free a little bit. If you have kids that are sure to get in the water this is the perfect place to be. Its a great place if you just don't know what you're after, a bit of busy or a bit of sand. It also has a cute little swing that's so fun when the light is just right.

Kurnell South Beach

At the eastern end of the Kurnell beach front a little hidden gem this spot offers a stunning sunset backdrop, calm waters to play in and fun rocky outcrops to climb on. The short grass on the dunes makes for the most stunning spot to pop a blanket down and cuddle up with the family. The bush path is great for a more moody backdrop to capture the serious moments and tender poses while we wait for the sun to end up in just the right spot for a little bit of play time for the kids and fun family photos.

There are so many stunning spots in the area and I'm sure I have only just scratched the surface. Im always keen to try new spaces and will be sure to let you know if I find something that will be just perfect for you and your family to get the stunning pictures you always dreamed of.

Como - A small spot by the bridge

Lilli Pilli

Audley Weir

Kurnell National Park Side