You call yourself a lifestyle family photographer …. What is that?



I think that each photographer has their own definition of lifestyle photography but they all sit in a similar area. Lifestyle is a mix between documentary style photography and portrait photography where the photographer works to capture you as authentically as possible but also create great pictures. 


When I think of the memories I want to collect and preserve I think of the natural organic moments that often happen in every day life. Moments like, morning cuddles before the day starts, when a family or friend comes to visit, and the kids are just so excited to see them, when they are wrestling daddy and he gets that perfect tickle spot, or when were all reading a story book before bed. Unfortunately, we can’t all have a photographer with us 24 hours a day capturing those precious moments. Though wouldn’t that be nice. 


I’m not going to say I want to replicate those moments, but my aim is to replicate those emotions, so I can capture stunning, breath taking, amazing, organic photos of you and your family. Photos that make you remember just how you felt in that moment forever. 


How you may ask: 


I get you to play games with your kids, make them giggle and laugh. 

Create cuddly moments to show softer times.

Do things that they love, read a book, play catch, throw sand around on the beach.

Photograph you in your own home or a place that is near and dear to your family.

Respect little one’s emotions when they have a shy or sad moment while working with you to turn that around to make it all fun.


Sometimes I will step in and pop you in the perfect position or make sure someone is facing the right direction but usually these are few and far between. 



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Servicing the Sutherland Shire including Cronulla, Caringbah, Miranda, Gymea and the greater Sydney area.