Birth Photography is so expensive why?

I get asked this all the time and the answer is really very simple. Imagine being asked to photograph a wedding, you roughly know where it will be but you don't know when. No one can tell you what time the ceremony is, how many guests will be there. You have no clue if the celebrant will even turn up, and they may also be in a bad mood. The bride can give you a date with a 4-week window and they are considering saying their vows at around 3 in the morning, maybe. They want you to be there for between 6 and 24 hours. Oh, and they may call you in once or even twice before had for a "false" wedding.

Birth is amazing, beautiful and magical but it really isn't predictable. This is the most important moment of your life and your child life. It's a moment you can definitely never ever do over. It's a dance between man and nature that changes lives. I take this very seriously, for birth I am on call for the 4 weeks surrounding your due date, which means I don't go anywhere further than an hour from your home or hospital - if for some reason I do have to I have a backup on call. My phone is on loud at all times, and I have a nanny ready to grab my kids if need be. When I get to your birth I am fully prepared. I am prepared to hold space for you which means my emotions and frustrations need to be put aside, I need to be fully present and ready for whatever your birth may throw at me. This may mean being awake for 24hours, it may mean that I need to step outside to make sure you have the privacy and space you need. This may also mean I need to educate and support you or your partner through your labour. Sometimes I have to stand between you and a difficult care provider to make sure you have the best care possible and sometimes it means i need to be a fly on the wall, being present but invisible.

I carry some of the highest spec equipment, a backup camera, extra batteries SD cards. A change of clothes, some snacks. I hold insurance so I know that you and I will be covered should something happen. My computer is a supermachine ready for me to transform your images into something extra special and I present them to you in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible so you can experience all those amazing emotions again.

I do it all with love and love takes time and costs me a lot so when you stop and think about it Birth Photography is not all that expensive after all.