Homebirth. It seems to be a hot topic at the moment, the current celebrity trend seems to have swung far in the opposite direction from caesarean births to home births. So what's the appeal?

As a birth photographer in Sydney, I have attended a number of births in a number of places. I love the diversity of my clients and hope to show their strength and power as birthing woman no matter what way they choose to birth their babies. But I must say I have a very special place in my heart for homebirths. If you have wondered into the depths of my website you may have heard (or seen) that the very first birth I attended was a homebirth. I was 10 years old when my aunt invited me in to witness my baby cousin being born. I was simply brought in at the very last moment given a place to sit and witnessed the miracle of birth happen in front of me. At the time I thought it was very cool I got to witness a baby being born and that particular little cousin was granted a very special place in my heart. I didn't quite understand the impact of that day on my life and my view of birth until much later when it was time for me to have my first child. I recall family sitting in the garden chatting while she labored quietly inside, a midwife that she knew personally and trusted wholly with her health and the health of her baby. her husband supporting her through each surge with all she needed at her disposal. What a stunning way to bring a baby into the world. I wanted it, I wanted it all so badly. Sadly I wasn't brave enough to go ahead with homebirth myself or should I say I wasn't informed enough to make that decision for my Childs birth.

The truth is to some this may seem like an airy-fairy way to look at birth, like a bit of a dream that is not really safe or practical however what I have come to know and learn from my time in the birthing world is the amazing medical benefits of choosing a homebirth.

Most importantly is the continuity of care. Homebirth midwives are not just your care providers they become your friends. These are a woman that take the time to come into your home on a regular basis for prenatal checks, in this time they get to know and love you like a friend. They learn who you are in your own environment and take these learnings into your birth space to care for you as individuals and uniquely just as you are. This care continues post-nataly no more telling and retelling the story of your labour to a new care giver at every visit. They already understand your values and desires and can work from that to ensure that you are physically, mentally and emotionally in a good place before leaving you to become the mother you were made to be.

This continuity of care results in some fantastic benefits:

A new Australian study comparing perinatal and maternal outcomes across different planned places of birth by Homer and others reported that the odds of a 'normal labour and birth' (I.e. No augmentation, epidural/spinal/general anaesthesia, episiotomy, ventouse/forceps extraction or caesarean section) were twice as high in a planned birth centre birth, and almost 6 times as high in planned home births, compared to planned hospital births. Additionally, there were statistically no significant differences in stillbirths, early or late neonatal deaths between the three places of birth.

  • Research and facts provided by Amiee Sing from Birth Aims - https://birthaims.com.au

You are in YOUR OWN HOME. After the birth of both my babies I had to stay in hospital for a few nights for various reasons. Now to some this sounds like heaven but for me it was a nightmare. The TV didn't work, I couldn't get comfortable, the maternity ward was so noisy and I just wanted my own space. I would have given anything to go with my littlest love, lay in my bed drift in and out of consciousness with bub rest.

You can have who ever you want at your birth with you. Especially in the time of COVID where hospitals were closing their doors to any unnecessary visitors the ability to have a birth photographer, doula or even grandmother present was really important and still is. Birth is a sacred time and whoever you needed there to empower you, love on you and make you feel strong and confident should be there at your request. A safe space with safe people equals a safe birth.

Your choice should be based on your values and beliefs of how your birth should go. No other person will be experiencing your labour and delivery. As such your careful care and consideration of what will leave you feeling safe, comfortable and supported is entirely up to you. This is why I wont judge you based on what choices you make regarding where, when and how you chose to birth what I do ask all my clients is to be informed take the time to know what care model you have chosen to go into and ensure that it aligns with your desired outcome.

If you are thinking of having a homebirth, or any other type of birth and want stunning images captured of this amazing time in your life like the ones you have seen in this Blog please feel free to contact me - just hit the button below.

Doula using Robozo - Homebirth Photography Blue Mountains
Husband and wife hugging in labour - birth photography Sydney
Photograph of a woman in the birthing pool at a homebirth in the Sutherland Shire
Homebirth Photography beautiful image of a husband and wife in birthing pool during labour
Husband supporting wife through. contraction during a homebirth.
Photograph of a homebirth midwife talking to mother and father. Sydney Eastern suburbs.
Moments before babies arrival captured in a photograph of a homebirth.
Photograph of babies arrival at a homebirth in the blue mountains.
Mum and dad snuggling with a newborn. Birth Photographer Sydney
Waiting for the 3rd Stage of labour while in the birthing pool at a homebirth in Sydney
Welcome baby girl, snuggled with mom captured by a birth photographer in Sydney.
Babies weight in and measurements.